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African Dustbin Grade 10 | African Dustbin Grade 10 Questions and Answers

African Dustbin Grade 10 | African Dustbin Grade 10 Questions and Answers, African Dustbin Grade 10 Questions and Answers. This is for English First Additional Language for grade 10 students.

African Dustbin Grade 10 Questions and Answers

List of Questions

Question Set 1:

  1.  Reread pg. 5 of the text:
    1. Why do the board have to find an alternative place to dump their waste?
    2. Quote from the text to support your answer.
  2. With reference to the whole of Scene 1 (pages 1–12):
    2.1 Explain how Gustavuson and Lubbe are similar in character.
    2.2 Explain how Haig, Haber and Lombroso are similar in character.

Question Set 2:

  1. Refer to Scene 2 (pages 15–24) and Scene 3 (pages 26–30):
    • Both Gwala and Dr Thebe work for the government. Explain how they are different in character.
  2. Refer to the first 3 scenes of the play so far.
    • Discuss the theme of ‘The Importance of Protecting the Environment. (5)

Question Set 3:

  1.  Discuss your views on the way Dr Thebe approaches her duties as a doctor. Follow-up questions if needed:
    • Why does she order the laboratory tests?
    • Why does she visit Dr Sibanda? What is she hoping to gain from this visit?
  2. Why does Dr Sibanda want to hush the whole matter up? Follow-up questions if needed:
    • Do you think Dr Sibanda is corrupt?
    • What do you think Dr Sibanda would have done if Anderson had approached him about dumping in Nkululeko? (Do you think he would have been bribed like Gwala?)

Question Set 4

  1. What are your feelings towards Gwala at this point in the play? Follow-up questions if needed:
    • What type of person do you think Gwala is? (What words would you use to describe him?)
    • Does he have any redeeming qualities? Is there anything that is good about him?
  2. Do you think Gwala should be charged for attempted murder? Why or why not?

Question Set 5

Refer to page 72, ‘Thebe: Well, we will fight you and your imperialist friends. (Pause) Our people will not allow you to make their country and our continent a dumping ground for foreigners. (Pause) No, we shall resist being made an African dustbin.’

  1. What figure of speech is the title of this play?
  2. Explain how this figure of speech adds to the central theme of the play.
  3. Explain how this metaphor is effective.


Find all the answers and more questions from the pdf document below: